Hi, my name is Rob and I have spent the last thirty eight years either working for or managing other peoples businesses. I am a highly qualified and experienced motor engineer and business manager. Over the past thirty plus years I have built up a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in carrying out routine maintenance on my property. I started with the very basic tasks and progressed over the years as my experience and confidence grew.

Having become disillusioned with the thankless task of running other peoples businesses, I have taken the big step of turning my hobby into my living by offering my skills and experience to the public at large.

As a private landlord I am very aware of the frustration of dealing with your letting agent’s pet maintenance company, who leave you with a dissatisfied tenant and a huge hole in your rental income due to poor workmanship and unprofessional behaviour.

I live in Cam and I am happy to provide a service within a thirty mile radius. I am a sole trader but I am able to call on a team of specialists if that’s what your job requires.